Friday, February 18, 2011

Get involved: sign the CSO statements!

By Joni van de Sand
WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform

In just a couple of days the CSW55 kicks off! Before we can really start our participant observation of the United Nations’ diplomatic jungle, we will give you a short update on what we have been up to. We also present some relevant documents for you to take notice of, hopefully read, and perhaps even sign?! (you will go where many have gone before you…)

Civil society cooperation
In the past few weeks WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform has cooperated closely with other civil society organizations - amongst which E-Quality, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Vrouwenbelangen, the International Council of Women (ICW) and many more - to collectively formulate statements and recommendations regarding this years relevant themes. (If you don´t know how it all works with the CSW and the differences between main theme/review theme/emerging issue, etc, have a look at the CSW55 website)

Main theme
During a consultation meeting with Dutch civil society representatives we discussed the main theme Access and participation of women and girls in education, training, science and technology, including for the promotion of women’s equal access to full employment and decent work. This discussion has led to the formulation of 10 concrete recommendations to our own government (which is what they call in UN language our “UN entity”) as well as to all those other governments which have signed the quoted agreements, as well as to all those organizations and individuals that are active in the field! Please read the statement by clicking here.
If you wish to sign this statement on behalf of your organization, please send an e-mail to Ines Orobio de Castro from E-Quality by clicking here.

Review theme
Relatively new is the statement and recommendations we have formulated on this year’s review theme The elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against the girl child. The statement is partially a result of the meeting when the main theme was discussed (see above) and has been further sharpened with experiences and insights from our own work. The recommendations focus on challenging gender stereotypes, as we argue for the recognition and portrayal of women and girls not only as victims of violence and gender inequalities, but also as agents of change to overcome them. Also, we argue in favour of active involvement and engagement of boys, adolescent- and adult men as positive actors in the elimination of discrimination and violence against the girl child. We depart from the idea that a world without gender discrimination and gender based violence is for the benefit of all.
Please read the statement here. If you want to comment on this statement, or if you wish to sign it on behalf of your organization, please send an e-mail to blogger Joni van de Sand from WO=MEN, by clicking here.

Emerging issue
In addition, our blogger Rineke van Dam (WO=MEN and AMREF/Flying Doctors) will be presenting an oral statement during the Panel 4 discussion on Gender equality and sustainable development. We do not have any document yet, however the two statements above will provide input for this one. Furthermore we will actively look for cooperation (writing and signing) meanwhile in New York. Women in Development Europe (WIDE) will surely be one our partners.
If you also wish to provide input and/or are interested in signing the statement, please send an e-mail to Rineke van Dam, by clicking here.

Our next post will be from New York!

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