Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The right to participate in the CSW, the Case of Iran

A group of international women's and human rights activists, organizations and networks, including AI, AIDOA and AWID to name a few, joined forces with a group of Women's rights activists from Iran and applied for an oral statement during the General Discussion at CSW 54.
The application was turned down. UN Women was requested to explain why: CSW's Bureau decided to refuse allotting speaking time to the alliance because Iran, one of the 45 members of the CSW this year insisted to do. We all thought that freedom of expression was one of the fundamental right, guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but apparently this does not apply to UN premises!

In the end the CSW-NGO liason team right allowed one of the sisters to read the statement just after the closing the daily NGO briefing this morning. You can read it through this link.

Also watch the video, ABSENT VOICES, in youtube.

Leontine Bijleveld

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