Wednesday, February 25, 2009

De nederlandse NGO aanbevelingen

Dit zijn de aanbevelingen van de nederlandse NGO's

Recommendation DUTCH NGO’S CSW 53

1. Unequal sharing in caretaking is merely a symptom of gender inequality in general and of the obstacles that women face in making their own choices and decisions. Equal sharing between women and men in caretaking can only be realized if gender inequality in general is combated at all levels and in all areas.

2. Strengthen and expand health systems, organizationally and financially, at in order to increase the availability and accessibility of public health care and lower the disproportional burden of women in home based caretaking.

3. Ensure that before policy and budgetary decisions are made, with regards to public and private health systems, and in particular in the area of home based or informal care, an independent analysis of their impact on women and men is carried out (ref: PfA 204a)

4. Evaluate international, national and local health and care policies from a gender perspective concerning their economical, social and cultural impacts on women. Adjust and implement policies and programmes at national and local level to achieve equal responsibilities between women and men (ref: OutcomeDoc, para 60)

5. Explore the effects of privatization of health and care institutions from a gender perspective, in particular the effects on the workload of unpaid caretaking by women.

6. Promote conditions and a way of organizing work that would enable women and men to reconcile their family and professional life, particularly through the introduction of flexi-time for women and men (AC CSW40, para 12d)

7. Take all necessary measures to ensure all relevant policies and services, like education and information, promote Hiv/Aids prevention. Encourage men to participate with women in programmes designed to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (ref AC CSW48, para 6o, 6p)

8. To release women’s burden in the area of home based caretaking, take necessary measures to provide access for all women to family planning methods and ensure their freedom to decide about the number and spacing of their children (ref CEDAW, art 12.1)

9. In order to achieve gender equality in the area of caretaking, promote educational programmes for men to change stereotypes in the area of gender roles and their understanding of women’s human rights.

10. Strengthen, by educational programmes and financial support, the professional and economic position of home based care takers.

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