Monday, February 27, 2012

Victory for domestic workers

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (VS) celebrated the Oscar for The Help in numerous ‘Be the Help’ viewing parties. Trade Union Women from all over the world, in New York for CSW 56, joined in last saturday night. They felt like having received the honour of the prestigious award for themselves.

Marieke Koning (International Trade Union Confederation) explained about the international campaign the global unions have embarked on. The international Domestic Workers Network is of course on of the partners in the campaign.The ‘12 by 12’ Campaign aims at 12 ratifications of C189, the new ILO Convention Decent Work for Domestic Workers, by 2012. The Campaign runs now in 56 countries. Dozens of unions /coalitions organised events in December 2011 to officially launch the Campaign.

Though the Netherlands has ratified the majority of the ILO-Conventions minister Kamp has decided not the ratify the new convention. Consequence of ratification would be that domestic workers ought to enjoy a better sociale protection and Kamp is not prepared to do that. See for more information in Dutch.

The global unions representatives aim to include recomendations targetted at improving the position of rural domestic workers in the Agreed Conclusions. We will report about the drafting process over the next few days.

Leontine Bijleveld

WO=MEN / Dutch CEDAWNetwork

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