Thursday, March 20, 2014

Feminists using facts

It is getting later and later here at the UN building. It is a bit after 10 in the evening, and negotiations are expected to take a couple more hours. When will they finish? No one knows yet. At the moment government delegations are going back and forth through the text. Every time a paragraph is discussed a couple of words are shifted around, removed or added - but few paragraphs are agreed and by far the majority are put aside for another moment during the evening. And then the next paragraph is looked at. Und so fort - und so weiter. 

The third day of negotiations started this afternoon around 3. Regional strategic sessions, including by EU member states, were going on since early morning. And there are "bilaterals" (meetings between 2 countries from different regions) and cross-regional meetings taking place all day too. Needless to say, everyone is getting a little tired. We as civil society are sticking around, encouraging delegations to keep up the good work, and advocating for some extra efforts on issues that are emerging as increasingly difficult.

One of those is comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Especially the African Group is vocal against it. Reason for activists to start a twitter campaign. Each message starts with "Feminists using facts:" and then adds examples, such as....

= Joni van de Sand, WO=MEN =