Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tick the (Gender) Box: Will the real feminist please stand up?

Mark-Pieter van den Heuvel attended the CSW for the first week, and being back home there is a question on his mind, which he would like to submit to you:

Tick the (Gender) Box: Will the real feminist please stand up?

A Feminist is…. (Please tick the box that most applies to your views)

(   ) ..a woman who hates all men.

(   ) ..a woman who’s okay with accepting and maybe even involving men but who’ll  never admit that in public.

(   )..a woman or a man who believes and speaks out openly that all men and women are (created) equal and therefore should be able to enjoy their human rights to the fullest.
This man or woman is happy with all people - man, woman and everything in between - willing to join him/her in the endeavour of making gender equality a reality in every society on this earth.

Which box will you tick? Please let me know, so I can add you to my list of ‘like mindeds, or make an appointment with you, to grab a cup of coffee or tea, to have a chat.

All the best,

Mark-Pieter van den Heuvel
Advocate for Gender Equality @RutgersWPF


Anonymous said...

the third! please come and join us at Korte Poten 9b. I hope you like filter coffee! :-)

Franka van Schaik said...

The third! You're welcome in Utrecht at the office of Peace Brigades International.

Anonymous said...