Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trade Union Women: include living wages in CSW outcome document

Some 80 trade union delegates from all parts of the globe take part in CSW 58. Some of them are member of a government delegation, others have observer status. The trade union delegation aims to ensure that gender equality is adequately addressed in the framework of the new post-2015 sustainable development goals, through a stand-alone gender equality goal and the integration of gender specific targets and indicators across all goals.

Several trade unionists attended the Decent work – living wages for women side event organised by the Dutch government in collaboration with Bangla Desh and Hivos (see report on this blogspot). The event was highly appreciated, especially since usually one can count the number of side events on social en economic rights of women during a CSW on one hand, two at the most.

The trade union women included the demand for living wages in their amendments to the draft Agreed Conclusions, of which you can find a summary on the union csw blog. As it seems most of the amendments have been taken aboard by the International Women’s Rights Lobby Coalition. Hopefully this will yield some results.
Requested about the issue during the lunch with NGO’s on Tuesday Minister Ploumen said she instructed the Dutch government delegation to include the decent work – living wage amendments in the informal negotiations about the Agreed Conclusions.

Leontine Bijleveld
Trade unionist, member of WO=MEN
Chair of Dutch CEDAW Network


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Thanks Leontine, good to get the links to what is happening from a union perspective.

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