Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day II of the CSW57

Here’s an update on day 2 of the CSW57. Click here for the 3rd draft of the Agreed Conclusions, which was released on Monday evening (yesterday). Today and Wednesday government delegations and NGOs will be talking to each other informally, and regional alliances come together to discuss their strategies. Thursday morning at 10 the next reading of the text – the informals – will start again.

Some things to highlight in the text and the developments around it:

The third draft continues to be a strong one. The Beijing Platform for Action and the ICPD are very likely to be reaffirmed (as every year), as well as the key actions for the further implementation of ICPD. The importance of addressing the structural causes of violence are well embedded in the text, such as historically unequal power relations between women and men, and the need to work with men and boys. The links between violence and how it inhibits sustainable development are made. They key paragraphs on sexual and reproductive health and rights remain in the text. This includes male and female condoms, and sexuality education (although this does get rather blurry when combined in the same paragraph with all kinds of other forms of adult education).

A special applause goes to:

1. Turkey for adding many crucial and bold paragraphs, for example:

z quat) PARA PUT ON HOLD [Turkey ADD: Implement mentorship, education and protection programs with boys to prevent and end cycles of violence by reducing harmful drinking and drug use; promoting healthy norms of masculinity and male sexuality; protecting boys themselves from violence; and challenging traditional gender norms.]

2. The Philippines for adding SOGI!

intersectionality as a basic concept for understanding that the discrimination of women based on sex and gender is inextricably linked with other factors such as race, ethnicity, religion or belief, health, status, age, class, caste, and sexual orientation and gender identity (para 3 quat. [Philippines ADD: 3 bis.)

3. Brasil for adding sexual and reproductive rights, and sticking to it – in spite of opposition:

n bis)   [Brazil ADD: Guarantee the conditions and resources for the protection and exercise of women’s sexual and reproductive [Malta DELETE: rights] [Malta ADD: health] throughout the lifecycle and across population groups, free of all forms of discrimination, based on the integrated approach promoted in the programme of action of the International Conference on Population and Development.]

Oh, and a big BOOH! for the Holy See, who has made an astonishing 43 amendments to the now 23-page counting text. It wants to get most references to gender out, such as “gender-based” violence. And another thumbs down for the African Group, for adding something that would water down every agreement to such an extent that we may as well all go home now (which means for sure they did it for strategic reasons): 

12 quin. [African Group ADD: The Commission further reaffirms the sovereign right of each country to implement recommendations in the present document, consistent with national laws and development priorities, with full respect for the various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds of its people, and conformity with universally recognized international human rights. (Based on ICPD +5 (1999), Preamble 5 and CPD 45 E/2012/25, E/CN.9/2012/8)]

= Joni van de Sand = 


Sanne said...

Some great contributions indeed! Great contribution by the Philippines on intersectionality and SOGI!

Vera said...

And a thumbs up for you for keeping us posted Joni! Glad to see that so many positive additions!

Keep up the good work! :)

Elisabeth van der Steenhoven said...

thank you Joni, very interesting indeed.
Hurray for men and women worldwide fighting for equal rights and the prevention of Violence against Women.

Elisabeth van der Steenhoven