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This # was used during the launch of the Ring the Bell - One million men campaign. There were many amazing men in this room, and I want to share some of their one-liners (or more) with you, as an inspiration.

Organisation Breakthrough about the campaign:
“Men from Delhi to Dallas are standing with women to say no to violence. With men as leaders and allies, we can reach a global tipping point on the issue of our time. Be the generation that makes the world safer for all. You can add your voice to the movement by making a promise to help end violence against women.”

Ring the Bell campaign videos:
“The most dangerous place for a woman is her home.
“Make a change with just one finger – ring the bell”

Irma van Dueren, Head gender equality division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands – an important donor of the organization:
“The dutch government is committed to working on women rights but we could not do it without partners like breakthrough: we are with you in this campaign.”

Dean Peacock, Co-Director, Sonke Gender Justice South Africa
“Today, Sonke had the Johannesburg stock market ring the bell for women’s rights today.”
“Work with men and boys should not go at the cost of women and girls. We have to extend the pie.”
“Guns don’t cause patriarchy, but they amplify the effects of patriarchy.”
“Violence committed against 50% of the population affects 100% of the population.

Vince Warren, Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Justice
“We can’t do everything, but we can do sómething!”

Robert Radtke, President, Episcopal Relief & Development
“In many developing countries, when you get out in deserted areas the only thing there will be a house of worship. If we want to have a solution, faith-based groups need to be part of it.”

The room turns silent as Sir Patrick Stewart explains how he suffered gender based violence in the home:  “I became an expert how to throw myself in exactly at the right moment between my fathers fist and my fathers body. That is something no child should have to learn.”
“Lets make one thing clear: domestic violence is against the law!”

Don McPherson, former NFL quarterback
“We are not here because men have talked and done a lot. We are here because women fought and died to put this on the table. I identify as a feminist. If women have first used this term to refer to what this is, then I will not shy away from it.”
“I was not raised to be a whole man. We teach boys not be women. Sports is at the center of that. I embody and benefit from that towards other men. My masculinity defined as an athlete, was just a very very small piece of me. I teach men about the wholeness of masculinity: it is being caring, passive, supporting, vulnerable, etc. What I do is human. Its about my wholeness as a person.”

Abbigail Disney, documentary filmmaker and philanthropist
“I am hopelessly in love with you…”

Michael Bolton, multi-Grammy winning singer/songwriter: happy birthday to you!
“I don’t tolerate in music even the insinuation of violence against women. In my position.”
“It is not rocket science: I have 3 daughters, I have 2 granddaughters. I have this internal emotional mechanism to realize how precious the women in my life are.”
“Now what I find horrible and discouraging, is trafficking and slavery. I do a lot of travelling, if there is anyone who has an idea how I can be of assistance please let me know.”

Michael Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas
“Mayors do a lot of stupid things, like cutting ribbons, but our number one job is keeping citizens safe. The level of domestic violence is epidemic, which I didn’t know. This culture of violence has got out of control.”
“This violent thing is kind of a man’s thing. So I decided to call out the men in Dallas. We are going to talk about this issue. And we’re gonna keep it simple. First of all, you just don’t use violence against a woman. Second, we are going to talk about what a man is. A man is not someone who uses violence against women.”
“I will talk about the shame aspect, it can be a very positive aspect of culture. There are things we need to stigmatize and things we need to destigmatize.”

During the meeting people wrote down their promises to end violence against women – and handed over to Sir Patrick Stewart going around the room. For example:

Kumi Naidoo, Executive director Greenpeace
“In everything Greenpeace does, we commit to include ending violence against women.”

Rabby David Edilson, Eastern Temple
“I will bring the campaign to the community, by teaching and preaching about it from a spiritual perspective rooted in Jewish values and traditions.”

= Joni van de Sand =

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