Sunday, March 17, 2013

Final draft agreed conclusions

Click here for the final version of the agreed conclusions.
It still includes the references to those paragraphs that were previously agreed, and the ones that were redrafted by the chair and then agreed to in the final round of statements.

= Joni van de Sand =


Hilde Kroes said...

Joni and all the other bloggers - thanks so much for keeping us so well informed, for contributing to better transparency of UN processes and for your tremendous efforts for women's rights, empowerment and sexual and reproductive health and rights!

Anonymous said...

Dear all, I agree with Hilde Kroes. I could use your contribution very well to inform our IAW members and others by newsletter and in our website, of the ongoing developments at CSW. We are glad with some strong paragraphs and in particular: with agreed conclusions.
Thank you so very much!
Joke Sebus

loeky droesen said...

But the battle is not over yet. We do also need to hold our own government to account for the implementation of these agreed conclusions.
Hereby a good analysis in the guardian

And I was very proud to read the volkskrant of saterday the 16th of march in the VONK section where lousewies van der laan give a link to this blog when describing the catholic church influence in political processes