Friday, March 15, 2013

There are agreed conclusions!

Right before 8 ‘o clock this evening New York time, the CSW57 adopted agreed conclusions!

Around 6 everyone was still awaiting what the next step would be. The delegations were still negotiating text in the room, and the information coming out was often contradictory. Suddenly a 6th draft of the text was distributed. The chair had prepared this text, including all the agreed paragraphs, amendments to those that were kept in and not yet agreed upon, and with some paragraphs removed altogether. 

Dozens of civil society representatives lined up along the windows of the conference room, to show the delegations our support and send out a message: do not let go of progress made for women’s rights!

After about half an hour to read the text, during which everyone quickly scanned through to see what happened to their most crucial issues, the chair decided to ask delegation by delegation whether they could endorse the text or not. We still did not know what would happen. But it was a smart move, as this meant that no-one could hide behind diplomatic moves, but really had to “show color”.

Many delegations then showed their support for the text, with short statements why. Holy See, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Nigeria expressed concerns and some reservations to the text. As it became clear that no countries would completely object, there was relief. The chair opened the negotiations to the plenary, and we could all go in… Just at that very moment it was finalized: there were agreed conclusions! 

I will upload the text as soon as a digital version is available. 
The overall assessment is that gains have been made in some areas, and in others the ambitious was set higher. It will require a deeper reading to provide a good overview...

Some of the reactions from members of the Women Human Rights caucus:

I share your disappointment at the process and outcome, but I think we should also claim what gains we have made, however small...

Great to hear ngo,s being recognized by states. I am sure text and process is not perfect. But progress is a long hard road of small steps and you all are on the right side of history. And the unholy alliance has been outed also in the press. 

= Joni van de Sand = 


Lin McDevitt-Pugh said...

Phew! That was a close one. Thanks so much for keeping us so well informed!

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