Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update on the negotiations

It is close to midnight and the government delegations have just finished the full reading of the 3rd draft. This means that they went though the complete text, negotiated positions and made amendments per paragraph. 

There are around 105 paragraphs. It is rather unclear for pretty much everybody, how many of those have really been agreed. The full day it has been going back and forth. Not much information can be shared yet, but one strong paragraphs has already been tweeted about extensively today:

Reformulated (j, j alt and t quat) [...] prevent, investigate and punish acts of violence against women and girls that are perpetrated by people in positions of authority, such as teachers, religious leaders, and law enforcement officials, in order to end impunity for these crimes. 

However, the "controversial" paragraphs have been skipped. For example 9 ter; 9 quat; n; and o - which all address sexual and reproductive health and rights. The same goes for paragraph 12 quin - the sovereignty paragraph. These will be discussed from tomorrow morning onwards, probably based on a clean "new" version of the text, with the non-discussed paragraphs still open. I'll make sure to share that version when it is available.

= Joni van de Sand = 

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