Monday, March 9, 2009

Care giving in context of HIV/AIDS, March 4

Cordaid Partner, Zebider Yitayew (Mary Joy Aid through Development, Ethiopia) wrote this message for the Cordaid blog and shares it with the Wo=men blog as well.

”CSW Day 3 (Wednesday March 4, 2009)
High officials of UN and Governement delegates delivered a speech which calls on the UN commmision and the Governement commitment in the future. The officials stressed that collaboration, coordination and networking is very important among GO, UN, Donors, CSO and grassroots people.

March 4 events were very interesting. The team attended a preparatory breakfast meeting on a panel that took place later in the day: "Action agenda on caregiving in context of HIV/AIDS". The panel discussion was sponsered by UNIFEM, CORDAID, Huairou commision, HelpAge international and others and was moderated by a CNN Jornalist. Six panalist presented their experience to the participants.

Before the presentation Elzabeth Mataka, Special Envoy of the UN General Secretary delivered a speech. She stressed the needs to move the agenda of women from talking to action and to making resources available to women. She also mentioned the need to revise policy to include home based care issues and finally reminded participants not to forget lobbying Government when back in the home country. The other speaker was Ambasador Tilna Parlament, representative of Estonia. She also mentioned the need of motivation, encouragment and support for home based care providers.

Two caucuses were held today: The Asian and the African women's caucus. Both group discussed and suggested amendments to the Commision on the status of women fifty third session "Agreed conclusion", the document that will be the oucome of the conference. The amendments focus on equal sharing of responsibilities between men and women, including cargiving in the context of HIV/AIDS, availing resourses to grassroots initiatives directly, and enhacing action and comittment of the concerned bodies.” Zebider Yitayew

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